Strategic Network Supporting the iSAW Woman

The iSAW Network will be an expansive ecosystem of institutions, corporations and government agencies to create networks and provide resources to mentor, support and sponsor the advancement of iSAW Women.

Our Members Women helping Women

iSAW is a professional organization for women from all industries, education levels and social status.

iSAW members will carry the torch for one of the most important advancements of women empowerment in the Kingdom. A whole generation of talented women will be put on one stage (which is the essence of iSAW) to help and be helped instantaneously.

Members are held to higher standards of professionalism and inclusive behaviors, respecting and helping each other succeed. Members will be bringing their ideas and passion while supporting and working together to grow their leadership skills and achieve common goals.

Our Honorary Members For the women who went above and beyond

Honorary members are individuals who have made notable contributions to the advancement of women
both locally and internationally.

Honorary members are featured as heroes and role models. They are women trailblazers who laid the foundation for others through their vision, strength, courage, capabilities, dedication and determination. They have made an exceptional contribution to the Kingdom Vision 2030, enhancing Saudi society in general and specifically for women.

Honorary members are confirmed by the Ambassador Board.

Honorary Member Benefits:

  • Honorary members have a lifetime iSAW membership.
  • iSAW international and local speakers.

Our Charter Members Individuals who made iSAW a powerful organization for all women

Charter members are individuals who donated their time and talent to the development of iSAW for the benefit of all women.

Charter members are featured as iSAW visionaries and expected to support the development and implementation of iSAW.

Charter members are confirmed by the Founders

Charter Member Benefits:

  • Free iSAW membership with duration depending on their activity and commitment.
  • Training and certification benefits

Our Men Supporters Men helping women

Men’s support for the progress of women is a key and critical role to ensure Vision 2030 success. Men are valued supporters of the efforts and initiatives of iSAW.

Male supporters will show their support by having their name listed on the iSAW website (optional), contribute financially as a supporter, be called upon as needed for specific programs, attend workshops to collaborate on initiatives; and they can be a sponsor for the advancement of women in their society while supporting Vision 2030.

Male Supporter fees will be used to pay for Women Members who do not have the financial means to fund their own membership.