iSAW Purpose Smart Advancing Women focused on Learning, Leading & Lifting others!

iSAW's mission is to create a professional women’s organization to connect, grow, inspire and empower women.

Our goal is to promote the advancement of women:

  • enabling women to establish an active professional network,
  • providing resources to develop leadership skills,
  • offering growth opportunities, and shared learning.

iSAW will establish a robust benchmarking & measurement program:

  • conduct research, provide benchmarks and demonstrate progress of women in Saudi society
  • highlight the importance of women’s roles in society, strengthening women’s contributions to the Kingdom

iSAW Vision Unique platform that increases the contributions of Saudi Woman in support of the Kingdom Vision 2030

iSAW will implement our vision through FIVE innovative strategies compatible with the reality of society

  1. EMPOWER WOMENDevelop confidence, skills, capabilities and empowerment for women by providing professional training.
  2. COMPELLING EXPERIENCESPartner with local and international institutions to facilitate various conferences and workshops on iSAW initiatives, supported by influential women figures in and outside the country.
  3. STRATEGIC NETWORKCreate an expansive ecosystem of iSAW women, institutions, corporations and government agencies to expand our members networks and provide resources to mentor, support and sponsor the advancement of women.
  4. State-of-the-Art TECHNOLOGYImplement a powerful technology platform that will offer networking, learning, community engagement and recognition and support for the evolution of member’s skills.
  5. INNOVATION & VISION 2030Leverage the innovative capacity of women to support the goals set in the Vision 2030; maximizing women’s contributions in society by providing programs specific to the vision and measuring the success of those programs.

Our Founders Dreamers, Visionaries and a call to Action

iSAW was founded by 5 Women, who were dreamers, visionaries and took action!

The idea of iSAW was born out of the eager beating hearts of two Study Abroad Saudi female students and their US friend and mentor; they wanted to create an organization for women empowerment, professionalism and growth. As the idea became a dream, it inspired 2 more women to join and help shape the vision, bringing their years of experience, passion and commitment to iSAW.

iSAW founders bring together local and international expertise to produce effective programs for the advancement of women and all humanity. Our Saudi founders have studied abroad, and have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. The International founders are all women who have achieved highly successful professional careers and are focused on the advancement of women. The 5 women have come together to dedicate their expertise to a common goal of helping other women.

Our Ambassador Board Inspiration and Leadership

iSAW Ambassadors are an advisory board providing guidance, direction, connections, ideas and inspiration.

The Ambassador board will be represented by leaders across multiple industries and functions:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Legal
  • Banking
  • Media
  • Medical
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • University
  • Foundations
  • Government
  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Etc.

The Ambassador Board consists of 10 to 15 individuals strategically selected by the Founders. Appointments are made based on individual accomplishments, contributions and networks. Ambassadors should have a broad spectrum of knowledge on women empowerment and community development with a focus on enhancing the Saudi identity.

Ambassadors are featured as iSAW role models and serve for 2 consecutive years and can be reinstated.

Ambassadors have a lifetime iSAW membership and status.