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is to Open Galaxies, Connect Stars and Deliver Global Outcomes

Galaxies Opened

  1. Worldwide women business creation, employing women and empowering women in each country of operation, reflecting and run by women of the ethnic diversity within the country.
  2. Enabler for each country’s vision and strategy to advance women in society. Individual country needs can be catered for creating local lasting and positive impacts.
  3. Provide a platform to promote women as a strategic talent pool, enabled by compelling experiences, thought leadership, sponsorship, innovation, opportunities and promotion of hidden talent.

Stars Connected

  1. Connects women locally, regionally and globally to create a powerful collective impact.
  2. Focus on all women, high achievers, everyday heroes and women in the margins, raising all women’s contributions globally.
  3. Game changing approach of Women helping Women, supported by Amazing Men, helping themselves and others simultaneously.
  4. Improve international relationships, based on the shared experiences of women through a global connected community.
  5. Provides a sustainability foundation and advancement opportunities for the next generation of women.

Global Outcomes Delivered

  1. Leap frog women locally and globally, achieving Gender Equality at a faster pace, expediting the economic and social improvements women will bring to the world.
  2. Partner with leading researchers on metrics, data and stories to raise the identity, dignity and opportunities for women. Empowering women, influencing men.
  3. Builds confidence, skills and capabilities needed for women to succeed in a bold new world, in a bold new way.
  4. Creates a platform for worldwide collective thinking, leveraging inclusivity and women leadership traits, to optimize creativity, innovation and technology for the good of humanity.


iSAW will implement our vision through THREE innovative strategies supporting the UN Goals and compatible with the reality of the local society.

1. She for She

By developing skills, knowledge, capabilities and confidence through training, learning and story telling

By connecting women to each other through a state-of-the-art technology platform which will create a community of members with a learning mindset to network, develop and share

Through compelling experiences locally and within a wider eco system of learning providers

2. He for She

Involving amazing male allies to challenge the existing cultures to be more inclusive of women, raising their understanding of female leadership traits and the value they bring, and to mentor and sponsor women to help advance opportunities

3. Collective Impact

Creating a collective impact through a network of support for women with government agendas, movements such as the UN and wider providers to build an eco-system of change


iSAW was founded by individuals, who were dreamers, visionaries and took action!

The idea of iSAW was born out of the eager beating hearts of a Study Abroad Saudi female student and her US friend and mentor; they wanted to create an organization for women empowerment, professionalism and growth. As the idea became a dream, it inspired more women and men to join and help shape the vision, bringing their years of experience, passion and commitment to iSAW.

iSAW founders bring together local and international expertise to produce effective programs for the advancement of women and all humanity.


Champions for women advancement within their country and worldwide.

iSAW Ambassadors are women and men who have a abroad spectrum of experiences, each are successful individuals in their own right, who are passionate, dedicated, committed champions for women empowerment. They firmly believe when women succeed all of humanity succeeds.

Ambassadors focus on enhancing opportunities for women, creating connections, fostering ideas and inspiring women and influencing men by showcasing female leadership benefits, the social contributions women make in their community and the economic development women bring to their country and the world.

Julie Castro Abrams

Work to make a difference, to see measurable change that improves yourself, your society and the world.

Naheed Chowdhry

Elevating women elevates the world

Colin Mann

Gender equality is a journey both women and men need to advocate


Jennifer Kenny

Women’s leadership traits and qualities are the game changers

Dr. Dalia Saravia

The world of work has to change to support Women’s health and needs

Ebtehal Alrewaily

Open your heart and mind in an effort to better yourself, your society and the world

Nancy Speidel

It is never too late to learn something new, lead though inspiration and lift others

Dr. Sherry McAllister

Women’s health and wellbeing are as important as their success

Lynn O’Connor

Effective and inspiring leadership is done through diversity and inclusion

iSAW Ambassadors are Galaxy Openers, Star Connectors and Global Outcomes motivated individuals; with high ethical standards, dedication and passion to help drive the advancement of women worldwide.


iSAW Foundation is a non-profit, providing support and services to women worldwide. The Foundation is funded by iSAW International, sponsors and donors.


The charitable purpose of the iSAW Foundation is to strengthen the position of women and promote the advancement of women all over the world; provide financial support to women for international education and business exposure; provide women with the skills and confidence to enable them to advance in the workplace; interconnect women all over the world; provide resources to mentor, support, educate, connect, share learning and cultural experiences amongst those women.

For more information on the iSAW Foundation and board members go to www.iSAW.Foundation


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