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iSAW Amazing Men Champions help women
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Male support for the progress of women is a key and critical role to ensure women have opportunities to advance and thrive. iSAW Amazing Men are appreciated, valued and are needed to ensure the success of iSAW’s mission, vision and initiatives.

Male supporters will show their support by having their name listed on the iSAW website, contribute financially as a supporter, be invited to specific programs and workshops to collaborate on initiatives.

Male Supporter fees will be used to pay for Women Members who do not have the financial means to fund their own membership, in the country they choose.

Jesse Baier

Salman Almubarak

Donald Fouts

Rod McLeod

Ken Lane

Mark Messina

Our Honorary Amazing iSAW Men

Honorary Men are individuals who have made notable contributions to the advancement of women both locally and internationally.

Honorary men are featured as heroes and role models. They are men who support women, who have created opportunities for women, promoted women and helped them thrive. They are leaders helping women through their vision, strength, courage, capabilities, dedication and determination. They have made an exceptional contribution to the women in their society.

Donald Fouts

Colin Mann


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