international Smart advancing women


iSAW Women are on a journey
to help themselves, others, their society and the world

iSAW Women... “We see you, and you are iSAW”

Collectively we make a real and lasting difference through Learning, Leading and Lifting others.

iSAW members will carry the torch for one of the most important advancements of women empowerment across the world. A whole generation of talented women will be put on one stage (which is the essence of iSAW) to help and be helped instantaneously. Members are held to higher standards of professionalism and inclusive behaviors, respecting and helping each other succeed. Members will be bringing their ideas and passion while supporting and working together to grow their leadership skills and achieve common goals.

Becoming an iSAW Professional Woman

iSAW has a strong foundational culture of what it means to be an iSAW Professional Woman. The iSAW culture is based on the iSAW Pledge, Values and Behaviors; setting expectations of how women think about themselves and support others.

Each member must take the iSAW basic training, which establishes the culture, to become an iSAW Professional Women.

Upon achieving the status of an iSAW Professional Women, each member will be recognized as an iSAW Women, launching them into advanced learning, leadership, networking and international exposure and opportunities.

Our Honorary Members

Honorary members are individuals who have made notable contributions to the advancement of women both locally and internationally.

Honorary members are featured as heroes and role models. They are women trailblazers who laid the foundation for others through their vision, strength, courage, capabilities, dedication and determination. They have made an exceptional contribution to their society in general and specifically for women.


She was an emergency foster care home for 64 children until they found permanent placement


She help develop and empower international women change makers 


She was a child refugee who overcame hardship to thrive both personally and professionally


She is inspiring the next generation of women leaders across Africa


She dedicated her career to women’s health, providing free services to many who could not afford to pay

Wasimah Nawwab

She volunteered at a hospital helping children needing critical care for thirty years.

Our Charter Members

Charter members are individuals who donated their time and talent to the development of iSAW for the benefit of all women.

Charter members are featured as iSAW visionaries who supported the development and implementation of iSAW in their country and across the world.

Sarah Adil

Resilience and Determination

Story Coming Soon

Rhonda Schmit

Kindness, Empathy, Courage, Capabilities

Story Coming Soon

Basmah Othman

Unlike anything ever done before

Story Coming Soon


We are all on a Gender Equality journey

Story Coming Soon

Andrea Palmer

Together we can make a real difference

Story Coming Soon

Lama Almubark

The world is evolving

Story Coming Soon

Sarah Hoelting

Women are 50% of humanity

Story Coming Soon

Georgie Rawlings

Passion, Vision and Commitment

Story Coming Soon

Dalia Alrewaily

Big, Brave and Bold

Story Coming Soon

Melissa Barker

When you have nothing to give, give your smile

Story Coming Soon

Maggie Schmit

Generation X is the Future

Story Coming Soon

Ruqayyah Albashir

Innovations and Inspiration

Story Coming Soon

Mary Lou Moore

We stand on the shoulders of many before us

Story Coming Soon


As a tree standing strong in her own right, with her branches far reaching to the open sky stands the iSAW woman with her vibrant scattered colored leaves
Green to learn, Purple to Lead & Orange to lift

She is each and every working woman


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