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iSAW Women helping women, supported by amazing men
is what is needed for the next evolution of humanity

iSAW Membership fees for Women and Men are $150.00 per year.
Discounts are provided to women in developing countries.

iSAW Smart Advancing Woman Membership:

When you join iSAW you will begin your amazing journey on becoming an iSAW Woman.

Step 1: You will join a state-of-the-art worldwide network platform with other amazing women with similar interests and passion.

Step 2: You will take 4 short courses, complete a questionnaire and write a short story to become an iSAW Woman. Once you complete the foundational iSAW courses you will be recognized and achieve the status of an “iSAW Smart Advancing Women”.

Step 3: You will be launched into a wealth of learning opportunities for all stages in your career (early, middle, senior), provided with support structures, country and international events and worldwide exposure through the services of iSAW and a sisterhood for working women across the world.

Women join iSAW and become an iSAW Woman!
An inclusive, innovative, inspiring, interconnected SMART ADVANCING WOMAN

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iSAW Amazing Man Membership:

When you join iSAW you will become an iSAW Male Champion. Your membership fees will be used to provide an iSAW Woman membership to an underprivileged woman who cannot afford her own membership fees.

Step 1: Select a country from the dropdown list where you would like to support an iSAW Woman by paying her membership fees.

Step 2: Select the approval option to list your name as an iSAW Man to be displayed on our website to be recognized for showing your support for Women.

Step 3: Encourage other men to support women by becoming an iSAW Male Champion.

Men join iSAW and become an iSAW Male Champion!
Support a membership fee for an underprivileged Women and list your name as an iSAW MAN

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The iSAW.Foundation is affiliated with, a Professional Women’s Organization. and iSAW.Foundation support the same MISSION.

For more information on the iSAW Foundation go to www.iSAW.Foundation

iSAW Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit, providing support and services to women worldwide. Your donations will be used to to strengthen the position of women and promote the advancement of women all over the world; provide financial support to women for international education and business exposure; provide women with the skills and confidence to enable them to advance in the workplace; interconnect women all over the world; provide resources to mentor, support, educate, connect, share learning and cultural experiences amongst those women.


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