iSAW Services Services focus on areas having the greatest impact for the iSAW Women and advancement of Vision 2030

Capability & Leadership

Provide ongoing personal development through learning options:

  1. City/Regional – Grass Roots programs for local training and sharing
  2. Virtual – On-line training courses on relevant topics
  3. Company – Targeted training for Sponsor Companies
  4. Country – Yearly events for training, networking, recognition
  5. International – Scholarships for training and degree programs

Innovation & Vision 2030

Stimulate innovation, helping members think outside the box, supporting fresh ideas and providing resources and backing to launch new initiatives, that will help enable the goals and objectives of the Vision 2030. The benefit is to give back to society as a whole.

Awareness & Empowerment

iSAW uses data and facts to raise awareness of the contributions and benefits women bring to society and the workplace. Companies will be rated on their initiatives, maturity and support of Vision 2030 for Women.

Networking & Careers

iSAW is a vibrant and expansive network connecting all women within the Kingdom to expand their learning, relationships and support structure. Mentor programs use talented and accomplished women to provide leadership coaching and develop younger women to grow into their full potential.

Awards & Recognition

Individuals and Companies will be recognized with achievement awards for their role in advancing Women.