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iSAW Women are inclusive, innovative, inspiring, interconnected


iSAW is an international Professional Women’s Organization which seeks to build and promote Women’s capabilities, enabled by Learning, Leading and Lifting others.

iSAW is not here to speak for women iSAW is here to provide a platform for Women to speak to the World!

Sarah Aadil

iSAW Women are accessible role model and active citizens, by holding ourselves to a higher standard where our actions, values and behaviors  demonstrate moral leadership

Lynn O’Connor

iSAW Women are in this together… It is not one big step that brings change, it is a lot of little steps walking in the same direction that will bring real and lasting change for a better world.

Dr. Dalia Saravia

iSAW Women strive to live courageously with a growth mindset – viewing learning as a lifelong journey.

Naheed Chowdhry

Women helping Women, supported by Amazing Men is what is needed for the next evolution of humanity.

Nancy Speidel

iSAW amazing Men support their sister, daughter, wife, mother and friends; appreciating their differences and the unique and important value women bring.

Colin Mann

iSAW Women honor diversity by respecting each other’s backgrounds, ethnicities and life choices because what bonds us is much stronger than what differentiates us.

Ebtehal Alrewaily

iSAW is powerful platform for amplifying ALL Women’s leadership for innovation and sustainable development.

Jennifer Kenny

iSAW supports ALL generations of women; helping each generation fulfill their responsibility to step up and step in, bringing real and substantial change for a better world.

Maggie Schmit – Patricia Lackey

iSAW Women can unite the world, using female leadership traits focused on improved international relationships to promote world peace.

Donald Fouts

iSAW Women contribute to other women’s  success by lifting them being respectful, encouraging, prompting and supportive to other women in the work place and society.

Dr. Rutendo Mudzamiri

iSAW men know, the amazing attributes of women ‘balanced’ with the wonderful attributes of men is what is needed to create a better world

Rod McLeod

iSAW is focused on all women, high achievers, everyday heroes and women in the margins, raising all women’s contributions globally.

Kerry Willis

iSAW builds confidence, skills and capabilities needed for women to succeed in a bold new world, in a bold new way.

Helen Tekle

iSAW promotes women as a strategic talent pool, enabled by compelling experiences, thought leadership, sponsorship, innovation, opportunities and promotion of hidden talent.

May Matundan

iSAW is a place where women connect, grow, inspire and are empowered through compelling experiences based in the realities of the society, strategic networks, mentoring, ongoing personal development, local, regional and international learning opportunities, a sisterhood of support, a hub for innovation ideas and engaged iSAW Men Champions.


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